Things To Do Before Venturing Into Video Production.


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Before going into anything there are some series of questions you need to ask yourself, and also some things to do before considering starting out production.

That being said, we bring you some of the questions to ask yourself and things to do before venturing into production and they are as follows;

1. Do I Really Want To Do This?

In the process of chasing anything in life, The first thing before embarking on the new journey is to be sure you really want to go into it.

of the mistakes people make is trying to do what others are doing simply because others are doing it, this is a very common thing all over the world as people just feel like, since Mr/Mrs A is doing it, i would do it too, this should be avoided at all cost as it is one of the known recipes for failure.

That being said, of the things, that is, first things to do is to be sure you want to embark on the journey.

2. Do I Have What It Takes To Go Into This?

After you are sure and have decided to embark on this new journey fully, now there is need to evaluate yourself to know and be sure that you are capable of going in to it. That is, have all what it takes to attain success in this new chosen career path.

Mental Health.

The first thing to evaluate is your mental health, this is because you would need to bring out ideas, and a lot of mental works are involved.

Once you are in a good mental state, then the next phase is your financial capability.


After the mental health is in place, the next thing on the line is to craft out how to finance the course!

As it is known that money is the centre of whatever anyone wants to get done, same applies to production, as this requires money.

Some equipment are required in the production process, and to get all these equipment, it takes money, setting up the production studio, camera, mic, mic stand and lightening, all cost money to set up, so therefore, the financing aspect of the project should be considered as well.

To be continued…

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